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"Be Transformed by the 
Renewing of your Mind."

Attract Elevated Profits and Align With Deserved Prosperity

You are here because you manifested the appearance of an elevated avenue and prosperous path that will transform your visions into lucrative realities. 

Become aligned in mindset and motivation with every member of your magnetic team to manifest your way through the frights and highlights of a successful business!

Are you a visionary entrepreneur with an awe-inspiring business concept, yet uncertain how to get started? 

You're not alone, but you are unique!

At Visionary Concepts & Events, LLC, we understand that every business is as different as the individuals who run it. We also know that it takes more than a one-size-fits-all approach to being successful. That's why we offer customized concept development, training, and corporate event planning services designed to help you achieve YOUR specific goals.

Whether you're just starting out and need help putting your ideas into action, or you're an experienced business owner who wants to take your company to the next level, we can help you manifest YOUR vision and exceed YOUR goals.

Our team of professional dream makers specializes in helping business owners and leaders like you to develop, grow, and achieve your professional goals. We offer a wide range of services, including concept development, training and development, and corporate event planning.

No matter what stage you’re at in your career, we can help you manifest your vision, implement your intentions, and exceed your goals.

Why This Visionary Knows Your Needs

"The energy you give is the energy you receive.  Metaphysics changed my Stinking Thinking & I watched my entire life evolve!!  

Our subconscious minds does not know right from wrong. Therefore the stories we continue to tell ourselves is what tends to show up in our lives, whether Positive or Negative.  The Power of a changed Mindset has yielded tremendous benefits for me both personally and professionally. Now, I teach business professionals and leaders like you how to Lead by applying the principles of Metaphysics."

I used to be homeless and living out of my car.  I used to be stuck in the loop of mental Dis-ease. Fear of Failure and Indecisiveness once got the best of me.  A very rare & uncommon brain condition led me to brain surgery vs paralysis. And yes...a tree, in a rain forest saved my life. Sprinkle in single parenting, narcissistic survival, and living paycheck to paycheck...I'd say I had to figure out how to get my ACT together!! a leadership analyst with over 25 years of experience working with business professionals from start-ups to c-level executives in a variety of industries, I have found my calling in Leadership Development. Over the years I have found that every Manager does not make a great Leader. In some capacity, we are all managers of processes, procedures, our households, our families, & even our businesses. But often times, we are not the best managers of ourselves. I have a passion for helping Leaders thrive by becoming a Leader of Self, a Leader of Team, & a Leader of Culture. I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to do just that throughout my professional career.

I specialize in teaching Leaders 'How' to Lead by helping them get their A.C.T. together through the art of event planning. Leadership starts with Self and it's necessary that you have the right Awareness, Clarity, & Talk

to be an effective leader. I am my own case study because it's exactly what I did to become a successful 6-figure earning people leader & best selling author who had their very 1st home built from scratch.

No matter what stage you’re at in your profession, I have a super power and a natural ability to help you manifest your vision, implement your intentions, and exceed your goals through leadership development.


Let’s align, Let's connect, and Let's develop your

High Performing Team!

Call or email today. There’s no more time to waste...

Success Loves Speed!

Developing A Magnetic Business Emerges Through…

Intentional, Individual, and Inner Growth

How does your team set focused intentions for the groundbreaking day ahead? Charging through the day with a growth mindset amplifies clarity and establishes elevated levels of productivity toward the greater goal. With each new passion project comes a fresh and electrifying opportunity for every professional on your staff to develop new skills and strategies. That's intentional innovation at its finest! Just wait until that manifests into increased income... With Visionary Concepts & Events, your team can achieve peak performance by attending to the inner work that benefits the individual and the organization. Attracting your ideal clients becomes easier as you grow into the visionary leader that you’re your dedicated team effort transforms the impossible into possible. Methods of building character, implementing practices of excellence, and honest communication open the channels for a cohesive work environment centered around the core values. What company core values are you passionate about sharing with the world? The most unshakeable values that define the core of your company can never be compromised. Our team taps into your vision and evaluates your values to help you develop cohesive business practices that set the tone for everything you do. From there, we create a road map to success that is tailored specifically for your company. This road map serves as a guide to help you and your team stay focused and on track as you work toward achieving your goals.

"Our Intentions Creates Our Reality"

- Wayne Dryer

"Thoughts are the greatest vehicle to change, power, & success in the world...everything begins with a thought."

- Oprah


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Suite 1000
Houston, TX 77057





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